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Higher Education? For Who?

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So, this is a blog by writers for writers, correct? I mean, I know it’s just a collaborative experiment for those who haven’t experienced blogging before, but why not use the medium we’ve been given to say something real… something unrelated to class assignments and reading responses?

Yes Doug, I used the word “medium” in context… it is a fantastic word is it not? Maybe it’s not so fantastic. Maybe it’s boring even. Regardless, it is a word and as writers (or shall we say, aspiring writers), words are our weapon of choice.

But what will we do with our weapons when we graduate college? What exactly does this college degree give us as writers other than “experiences” and “knowledge” to take with our mound of debt into the bleak world of struggling to adapt to the times?

I’m going to be honest. I haven’t learned a damn thing this semester that I didn’t already know, couldn’t have learned on my own, or plan to take note for future use. My notebooks are filled with pages of useless nonsense that I use to wordle away my boredom.

For the record, I think “wordle” is an excellent word to equate to doodling with words. So I’m stealing it from the person who created that website.

I took three classes on top of my full-time job and the only thing I’ve learned since September is to never take three writing intensive classes in the same semester ever again. I have no time to do anything but school work. I have no time to read anything outside of assigned readings that do not provide any inspiration to write upon. It’s detrimental to the development of an aspiring writer.

Work, school, homework, sleep, repeat.

I’m becoming a drone.

I think that I could possibly learn more from a yearlong road trip across the country and take more experiences from it than I will over the course of attaining a degree, in writing. I could buy an RV for the price of this degree and sell it back at the end to recoup some of the money invested into my career. What college offers that option?

All we do in these classes is read and write. Read and write. Do we really need to spend thousands of dollars doing that when we could read on our own and write on our own? I don’t think we do, but society begs to differ. I think we would benefit much more from attending workshops with experienced professionals.

I’ve heard more people tell me over the last month that nobody can teach you how to write and it’s becoming painfully obvious that a writing degree is a waste of money.

Are we wasting valuable time and keystrokes?

Who’s to say? All I know is, 1.) I’m asking a lot of questions and 2.) as standalone Writing Arts majors, we may be doomed to a life of struggle and catching up.

Maybe I’m just bitter today and overly frustrated, but this has been overwhelming my motivation for weeks. I’m just past halfway through my first semester as a transfer at Rowan and I’m about to walk out and go buy an RV. So… who’s driving?


Written by cor24leone

November 13, 2009 at 2:30 AM