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Prepare for the future? Harder than it sounds.

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I cannot say I am surprised with the state our country is in when it comes to the technical abilities of American citizens. C.L. Selfe, author of Literacy and Technology Linked, provides good statistical information on where our country stands today with technology. Selfe points out that even though former president Clinton put the Technology Literacy Challenge into effect, the poorer parts of the country, like the inner cities which contain high numbers of poor colored students. Because there is no money in these areas, there are not many jobs, and not many people wanted to take jobs in these areas, because of the low income.

The lack of money is in direct relation to the lack of computers, and those that can teach students how to use them. Schools and the towns they reside in do not have the budget to buy computers when they can barely buy text books or pay their teachers a decent wage. So unless the government is willing to completely fund the purchase of technology for poorer public schools, or force well educated teachers to teacher in these areas, the minorities are sadly out of luck.

In terms of the literacy and technology going hand in hand, I believe that it is a matter of “out with the old, in with the new”. While I was in high school, my English teachers were often 60+ years old. We read from falling apart books filled with Shakespeare sonnets and watched fifty year old movies. Maybe as a younger generation of teachers begins to replace them, which have a better education for this time, students will be able to learn both technology and literacy.

I wish the world was as easy as asking the country to take charge and make sure that everyone has the best education possible, but there are neither the funds nor the man power to make this possible.


Written by augeregua

November 13, 2009 at 1:38 AM