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New Media and the Future of Journalism

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As we, the people, twist and turn while adjusting to new media technologies and the way they change our lives, industries must in turn learn to do the same.

I read an article this afternoon by Arianna Huffington in which she defends her hybrid form of journalism against the lashings dealt by the tongues of corporate dinosaurs like Rupert Murdoch. I used “dinosaurs” as a metaphor because much like Rupert Murdoch, dinosaurs did not adapt to their environment.

Journalism became stagnate during the years leading up to the Internet boom. Even after, journalists in the newspaper business failed to report on the lead up to the Iraq War and the looming financial disaster. In complicated times, we need to deploy complicated tactics.

New media has that ability to compliment journalistic practices to produce what Huffington referred to as a “hybrid” form of journalism. With the ability to incorporate words with images, articles with videos, and a public forum supported by comment boards and blogs, journalism has no place to go but up. Right?

Not if old dinosaurs refuse to adapt to the changing times and don’t rethink and reinvent their way of production. Consumers know what the want. They have seen the light, so to speak. They know what options are available. Better options.

YouTube threatens television networks who refuse to accept it as a competent competitor. The Huffington Post threatens local and corporate newspapers alike who sit idly without producing a quality website to attract online readers.

With the rise of blogs and vlogs and their volunteered contributions by citizen journalists, the rules of the game changed. No longer does the phrase, “you get what you pay for,” apply. Understandably, professional journalism comes with a price tag. Let the suits figure out the details of splitting up the tab. At the end of the day, it will be their spin on revenue generation that will make or break their existence.


Written by cor24leone

December 2, 2009 at 8:31 AM