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What are you doing?

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I’m reluctant yet open-minded about using Twitter for a class project. I tried Twitter once upon a time to see what all the fuss was about, but I walked away disappointed and annoyed. I imagine that my previous account is inactive.

Now, thanks to Professor William Wolf, a.k.a. Bill the Enforcer, I have a new, active account. My opinion on this social medium (hey now, there’s that word again)… not much different.

Granted, I’m only on my third day of twatting, or twurping, or tweeting… whatever. I have to admit, my reluctant side is smashing my open-minded side with a 36 oz Demarini. But why? You might ask.

Well, frankly I’m disgusted by our society’s infatuation with celebrity gossip and the obsession with living vicariously through TMZ and Twitter.

To relate precisely what I’m saying to Clive Thompson’s NY Times article:
“…the ultimate expression of a generation of celebrity-addled youths who believe their every utterance is fascinating and ought to be shared with the world.”

I become annoyed by news organizations reporting on what John Meyer said about Jennifer Anniston. I don’t care to know who Paris Hilton, celebutard of the century, is dating and spreading herpes to these days. And I don’t understand why over three million people (closer to four) give a damn what Ashton Kutcher has to say every hour of the day.

Maybe I’m just being a pessimist… it wouldn’t be the first time.

I honestly think there is potential good that comes with social networking sites like Twitter and Facebook. The Iranian people proved the political affect Twitter can have on organizing a movement, and the Chinese government recognizes its reach.

It is all in the means of use. If we use them to fuel our generation’s desires to cyber-stalk celebrity crushes then they genuinely serve no good to society. But if we can put that aspect aside and look outside of the box, the possibilities really are endless.


Written by cor24leone

November 14, 2009 at 11:35 PM