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I’m feeling very good

leave a comment » has some really inspiring things on it, if you click on any random dot. Some things might not relate to you. However, it’s simple to quickly change the criteria for a search. Country, gender, age, mood, and even feel words can be filtered. Having been on this site, I have realized how mood lifting and inspirational this site can be, and it gives some pretty good advice too.

This site also allowed me to think that maybe…there is hope for the human race. We aren’t heartless drones after all. My favorite so far is from Michelle Bloom. She says, “how i interpret, how i see, feel, know, much more in paintings than anything i think, even words, even if words communicate easier with a bigger audience”. I can relate to this in a different way, in how words will make much more sense to me than a painting or a math equation. Finally I would like to say that while writing this, my computer crashed, and I had lost that quote. Sad, I started clicking through the interactive website once again and FOUND the same quote. I found this amazing, as there are so many, but if you do not specify a date, you will end up getting the “feel” words from the last few hours. Being able to click on the quote and being sent over to the person’s blog is rather useful as well.


Written by augeregua

December 9, 2009 at 3:02 AM

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