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So I looked over the millions of applications available for Twitter and I have to say I was quite surprised. After scrolling through what felt like the first ten pages of them, it became perfectly clear that people really do give a shit about Twitter. I have to say most of these applications didn’t interest me. All of them had something to do with “making things easier through Twitter.” But since I really don’t care much for Twitter, this didn’t apply to me very much. However, I saw an application called Twitpic that changed my opinion a bit. Here’s why…

In my Writer’s Mind class, we had to start a Twitter account earlier this semester. This kind of benefited me because when we had to do it in this class, I already had one. But when we started it in the other class, we were also required to start a Twitpic account as well. The concept of this application is pretty much self-explanatory where it allows you to upload pictures onto your Twitter account. It’s a very simple process, so I decided to use it for this “Twitter Review” assignment.

For anyone who has a Facebook, it’s pretty much the same thing. You take a picture on your digital camera, upload the picture onto your computer, and when you want to put them on your profile, you simply click the “Browse” button and voila! You’re good to go. Twitpic pretty much has the same browsing links and similar to Facebook, the only prerequisite towards doing that is taking a picture and uploading it onto the computer.

I would try to include a picture or something here, but there’s really no visual way to describe Twitpic. There are no pictures used to give someone a better understanding of it because Twitpic is just a collection of your own pictures.


Written by halld76

December 2, 2009 at 1:26 AM

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