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“What?! You’re following HIM?! You must be a terrible person!”

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The title can sort of relate to one of our most recent assignments. It wants us to find someone outside of class, analyze the list of people they are following, and what the list says about that particular person and their interests. This brings me to ask one simple question… how can you determine the personality of someone strictly based on who they are following on Twitter?! Should I be under the mentality, “Oh, if he’s following him and her, then he’s probably a dick.” It just adds to my negativity towards this so-called ‘social networking’ site.

Twitter just sounds like a way to make it easier for people to judge other people. This assignment is a perfect example. I’m supposed to judge someone because of who they are following and who is following them? If you want to know more about a person just by going on their profile, there should be an “About Me” section… which, similar to the ability of talking to people, Twitter apparently lacks. Although I feel as if I’d already done enough ranting, this is yet one more thing I have against Twitter…

I only judge people based on two things: 1) The way they act towards me, and 2) The way they present themselves in general (in person, not on Twitter.) I don’t judge them based on the car they drive, the job they work at, the major they choose to enroll in at school, their favorite pizza topping… and I especially don’t judge them based on who they are “following.”


Written by halld76

November 19, 2009 at 6:51 AM

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