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It’s not what you know…

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This blog can sort of relate to the piece Mike wrote last week about higher education. For the most part, I can definitely see where he’s coming from. But something that happened the other day gave me a slightly different way of looking at the situation.

I was talking to some girl I work with while we were both on our break and we start getting into telling each other what our majors are and what not. She told me she was a business major and her dad used to own some kind of business (what it was unfortunately escapes me at the moment), and that he knows plenty of people who are still in the trade. Therefore, she’ll most likely have a job right after graduating. In response to this, I simply said, “Well, it’s not what you know…”

I guess when you’re going into the field of business, that statement is definitely true. But the way I see it, the field of writing uses a little bit of both. For example, let’s just say you’re writing a book or some kind of large written material. When it comes to getting the book published, it’s all about who you know. Unless by any small chance you’re capable of publishing a book on your own, you must rely on others to help you do it.

As for actually writing the book itself, it’s all about what you know. Regardless of who your acquaintances and connections are, you can’t have someone just write the book for you. You need to write it yourself based on your own knowledge gained from personal experience.

Even when you’re writing for a newspaper or something, you have to combine both elements. You use what you know about the situation to write the article, while using who you know to make the article heard.




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November 18, 2009 at 2:33 AM

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