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what ever happened to xanga?

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Whenever it comes to blogs, like xanga, myspace, facebook, and twitter, the only reason I ever made any account was because I wanted to be able to see what everyone was talking about. But of course, I became very addicted to them and watching friends, decorating, blogging, telling people about my day, and playing the games and attractions they offered. For the people of my generation and below, these websites offer a great addiction. I’m sorry, attraction. And even people in the older generations are beginning to see what younger kids have seen for years–how many times have I heard complaints that parents are stalking friends on facebook or twitter?

Of course, I agree that it’s one of those things that can keep you in touch with people from all different points in your life, and that it helps you get to know people that you might not have known otherwise, or help you keep in touch with people that you know really well.

But the privacy issue is a large one. I know of people who have gotten turned down for jobs because of the content of their facebooks or their statuses, making jobs about their job. People take what you put on those websites seriously, so you have to be careful. You can’t control what other people put on facebook about you, so I think it’s a good way to think about what you do with your life instead of just trying to cover it up. However, teenagers and college life is not when students want to soul search and settle down. It’s a time for them to have fun…and that can ruin you later in life, especially with all the social networking and open options. Anything on the internet can  be found and used against you, and of course no one’s thinking about that when posting things on facebook.

The thing that I know about all of these websites is that eventually there will be a better one that will come out that everyone will end up using, and facebook and twitter will be practically nonexistent. I mean, who remembers Xanga?


Written by iread2manybooks

November 17, 2009 at 10:15 PM

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  1. Indeed, xanga’s traffic has dropped significantly over the past year:


    December 2, 2009 at 12:46 AM

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