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A piece I wrote for CW1.

After the Closing

After the last of the library’s patrons have left and the harsh fluorescent lights have been extinguished, the books give a collective sigh of relief.

They have survived another day in the oily hands of the public, who have once again shown a complete disregard for their physical state.

The new books shift their chapters in irritation from the breaking of stiff bindings, and the bending of too-fresh pages.

The classic, most loved books bristle with indignation over highlighted passages, words written in margins, and dog-eared pages.

The old, worn tomes sag like the most weary of elders as glue crumbles away, and missing pages are mourned.

Others simply lean against one another, envious.


Written by augeregua

November 17, 2009 at 8:10 AM

Posted in Writing Arts

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