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No Dessert Till You Finish Your Dinner!

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When talking about video games, people don’t think about one important factor: different things affect different people in different ways. Something that could make one person sit and play one game for hours on end could bore another person to death. Some people prefer video games, while other people prefer computer games; some people can play a video game and learn something from it, like the author of our second article said, but other people just become couch potatoes instead of using their potential talents.

I agree that if you end up spending too much time just playing video games, then you’re just becoming addicted and lazy, but of course some people tend to have the kind of personality that is attracted to those kind of games, and of course since it’s so easy to access everything now-a-days, then they just tend to become the typical game playing couch potato. But some people, myself included, can like a video games and play it for hours on end, or even a whole summer, and then not really play them again. Of course, personally, I didn’t really learn anything from it except that Link is awesome.

Perhaps all the things we tend to learn are internalized, which seems to be the point of the article. We think that people are just being lazy and addictive, but perhaps they are learning with critical learning instead of active learning. Or maybe, as I tend to think, they are just being the lazy couch potatoes and they could learn the same skills elsewhere.


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November 12, 2009 at 9:47 PM

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